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7.3M | 6.1M | 5.5M | 4.5M INDUSTRIAL FAN

An industrial fan is a machine whose primary function is to provide and accommodate a large flow of air or gas to various processes of many industries. This is achieved by rotating a number of blades, connected to a hub and shaft, and driven by a motor.

An industrial fans are used in large facilities, warehouses, distribution centers, farms, large retail stores, sports arenas, stations, airports and other large buildings, become a ideal choice for ventilation, cooling and dehumidification of large indoor place.



  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Amount of Blades:  6pcs
  • Diameter:  7.3M/23.9FT | 6.1M/20FT | 5.5M/18FT | 4.5M/14.7FT
  • Motor:   60Hz, 220V
  • Vice part 1:  38*33*0.9MM
  • Applications:  Large Facilities, Warehouses, Distribution Centers, Farms, Large Retail Stores, Sports Arenas, Stations, Airports and other Large Buildings, become a ideal choice for Ventilation, Cooling and Dehumidification of large indoor place
  • Style:  Modern and fashionable